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China – Travel from Kunming to Guangzhou to Hong Kong – 23rd December

No lovely photos to spoil you with on this post…just a little bit of info about our day of travel! Enjoy!

After a good nights sleep in our four person dorm we rose early to shower, grab some breakfast and set off towards the airport. We eventually hailed a taxi and soon arrived 30 minutes later at the departure gate. It’s all fairly well signposted at the airport, however as we only had an online booking reference number and no paper work we wondered if we needed to get our tickets from somewhere before check-in. We were told to just go to check in our bags in the usual way and we were issued the boarding cards. Easy! The airport is fairly large with a good selection of stalls to buy things, if a little expensive.

We booked the flight from Kunming to Guangzhou through ctrip.com which cost 330RMB plus 50RMB tax and 70RMB fuel tax, so 440RMB (£44) in total for a 1.15hr flight was really good, could well be cheaper than taking the train and saves loads of time. It was far cheaper to fly to Guangzhou than Hong Kong and then we would make our connection through to Causeway Bay where our accommodation was booked.

The flight was very good and took off only five minutes late. Once airborne they offered free apple, orange juice and water etc and then they started issuing food! We were surprised by this as the flight was so short and it was actually very good. Dave had beef and rice, Helen had Egg and tomato noodles, both with a side of cold noodles, bread, water etc. Very shortly after eating we arrived, collected our baggage and proceeded through customs with no passport checking involved.

Guangzhou has very recently hosted the Asian Games and a big air-show, so lots of international people will have passed through and required additional information on travel arrangements. We asked a few people behind desks about getting to Kowloon to which we got blank expressions and one guy said he had never heard of it! We were informed that we would need to get a bus to the train station and then get a bus or get a train to Hong Kong. We found a more official looking desk who were more helpful but still appeared less than knowledgeable and we were directed to a bus that would take us to the main train station where we would be able to get a train, so we proceeded. Once we found the station from the drop off point we tried to buy a ticket. No trains go direct to Hong Kong from here, only Shenzhen and then we would need to get another train! All very confusing and annoyance was starting to bubble to the surface.

Finally we found out that we needed to go to the East Train Station not the main station where we would be able to pick up the Kowloon Express which takes you all the way! The East Station is THREE stops on the underground metro down from the Airport!!! We ended up having to get the metro to the East Station and then buy the tickets from the Kowloon Express office. Faffing to and from bus to train station and then back took us around 2 hours  and should have only taken 20 minutes! Buying the tickets once we were at the right place was simple enough and then the obligatory passport checks and X-Ray scanning of baggage takes place.

Finally we boarded the train and settled down to a two hour train journey to Kowloon. From here we got a taxi to the main land island of Hong Kong after some translation over the taxi drivers phone with someone who could speak English and told him where we wanted to go. We got dropped off just around the corner from the guest house and we proceeded to find the building with no problems.

We were staying at the Alison Guest House on Causeway Bay, it was well located to shops and an underground station. The room was small but adequate with a double bed, small wardrobe, desk, kitchenette and new looking bathroom. Once we unpacked and spread out our belongings we went to explore the local area which was very busy, lit up to feel like 11am not pm. We stayed out for an hour or so before going back to bed.

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