“Notworkrelated is a collaboration of two UK photographers Helen and David. Their work-related lives see one as a graphic designer and the other as a portrait and lifestyle photographer. So far Notworkrelated has provided them with the platform to explore and put their work-related lives on hold whilst they travel around the world…or at least big parts of it!”
“It is the chance to document what they see, hear, smell, taste and touch and communicate this back to you!”

Part one of Notworkrelated took us into Japan, ferried us across to China where we lived in a Hutong environment in Beijing and went onto travel through some of the sheer wonders that Southern China holds. We then journeyed along the tourist trails of South-East Asia whilst trying to get off the beaten track! Cycling tours, boat trips and cooking classes. Cave exploration, tummy bugs and hiking. We did take in the sights of them all, and cherish the memories we have! Always asked where was our favourite place so far? But for this we have so many answers as there is not one place we didn’t enjoy. We do however hold close the memories we have of our time in Cambodia and we loved the culture shock that is China.
Part 2 of Notworkrelated began on the West coast of America in August 2011 where we camped our way down from the Olympic Peninsula and eventually landing ourselves in Phoenix, Arizona. From there we spent 2 months in New Zealand soaking up the laid back vibes cruising around in our van and partaking in some extreme outdoor activities – it would have been rude not too – this is outdoor capitol of the world. We loved it.
We then spent 5 weeks in Australia combining camping and staying with friends and were jammy enough to get tickets to the longest ever Tennis finals in Melbourne. When we left Australia we had sheer chill out time on the Gili-Isles where we made great friends, dived their fantastic shores and read.
With a short stop-over in Singapore en-route to Nepal we then got into hiking mode and trekked our way from 1900m to 5360m in 3 weeks. This was by far the most rewarding experience of our travels so far. We loved it there!
We ended part 2 of Notworkrelated in India, and spent 3 weeks exploring Kerala and it’s tropical landscape. The food was a highlight for us, along with the wonderful homestays and enduring welcome that India offers to tourists.
And then we came home!
So what next? For the time being Helen is back to freelancing and has managed to pick up several new clients as well as learning to become a Yoga teacher. Dave is also freelancing as a Graphic Designer and is looking at getting into some long distance cycle rides.
We’ve both enjoyed coming back to the UK and are managing a great work-play balance. Notworkrelated is still as important to us as when it first started and we love bringing news to you. Part 3…well let’s see what happens.

David & Helen

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