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USA – Road Trip – Cascade Locks – 17th-18th September

Leaving Oxbow State Park we ventured back onto the highway and headed for Cascade Locks which are situated along the Columbia River Gorge Scenic Route. The weather was closing in and it was all pretty foggy, no ideal for views over the river and the scenery. Along the way we spotted the Bonneville Dam which had a visitors centre, so we popped inside. It has a lot of history and information although it all appears a little dated. To allow the fish to swim upstream to spawn they have a “fish ladder” and a viewing area where they count the fish. The ladder was full of fish so it was quite interesting.

We opted to stay at a KOA campground which has amenities such as showers, wi-fi, laundry and a pool. It wasn’t long until the rain started so we ventured into the laundrette to do some much needed washing and some editing on the laptop. The rain did not halt and it was all quite depressing, so for only the second time whilst camping we ate out rather than cook in the downpour. We made our way into Cascade Locks, which is very sleepy, to look for some food options. We opted for a pub which looked to be the best option however we were both disappointed with the offering of a burger and a packet of crisps, all for $12 each! Not what we expected. Back to our digs and to bed in a slightly soggy tent.

After a restless night with cars, trains and rain hammering the tent we decided to have another night at the KOA to let the rain pass over. A hike was in order for the day to get ourselves out of the campground, especially the laundrette, and stretch the legs. We found the 400 trail and hiked through the forest up to a peak overlooking lots of fog. A river walk to a waterfall with lots of salmon trying to make it up stream was cool to see.

After chatting to a couple who we met along the way they informed us of a fish hatchery (the things you have to do when its raining!) not far away from our location so we headed over to have a look. We did not stay long and headed back to the camp for some lunch. After an evening of more editing in the laundrette we were ready for some sunshine and warmth, hopefully tomorrow will bring both.

(Leica M9, Summicron-M 50mm f/2.0, Leica 90mm f/2.8, Zeiss 18mm f/4 ZM processed in Lightroom 3)

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