Editin’ the night away

The MacBook has been working over-time recently, working on some fairly hefty image resolutions and demanding spot removal editing techniques (must remember to always clean the lens!). The 2TB hard drives are filling up fast and our online gallery is slowly increasing in size as we work hard editin’ the night away! (Helen does indeed have a good assortment of slacks!)

Here’s a man in evenin’ clothes,
how he got here, i don’t know, but
man, you oughta see him go,
editin’ the night away-ay,
he’s dancin’ with the chick in slacks,
she’s a-movin’ up and back,
oh man, there ain’t nothin’ like,
editin’ the night away

they’re! editin’, editin’, everybody’s feelin’ great
they’re editin’, editin’, they’re editin’ the night away

Anyway enough larking around… Since we got back we have spent some dedicated time and effort to work up some China images. Workflow amends… Levels. Colour correction (using a gradient map or colour balance). Contrast. Spot removals. Save TIFF. Engarge to desired size. A touch of unsharp mask if it’s required. Save JPG.

Here are a few to pay homage to Sam Cooke, twisting the night away and hopefully some inspiration for you guys to get out there and do something notworkrelated. Enjoy!

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  1. Posted 16 Aug ’11 at 9:28 pm | Permalink

    that hong kong skyline picture is ridiculous. i can’t get enough of it. keep burning the midnight oil, man. you guys are doing a really good job.

  2. Posted 27 Aug ’11 at 4:50 pm | Permalink

    Amazing how fast that space disappears, isn’t it?

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