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Japan – Tokyo 18th & 19th October – (The Beginning!)

On the weekend of the 16th/17th October we said our goodbyes to close family and friends, combining a lovely do at Helen’s parents house in Widnes with our youngest recruit to the Roscoe clan; Sukie-Bea (one on Tuesday – Happy Birthday!!!) to the eldest; Nana Champion (90 in November!!)

It was the first time the Rutter-Roscoe families met and it was a lovely occasion for us to celebrate our departure on the 19th. Lovely for us two but perhaps more emotional for others. We love you lots!!

So that’s the soppy part over with…here starts our travel blog for real! We flew from Manchester Airport early on Monday the 18th after a little send off from Mr & Mrs Rutter three coffees and one tea later and we left them for our departure lounge. Our first stop was a short spell in Frankfurt before boarding the new Airbus A380 along with 800 other Tokyo bound passengers. Lufthansa are going to be tough to beat on the smoothness of the flight, good selection of food and the added bonus of Toy Story 3!

After 16 hours of travel from door to door we arrived at the budget Hotel Sakura in the Kanda district of Tokyo. We thought we may be on the wrong path at one stage so followed other tourists off the train to find out where we should be going. Fortunately a helpful local man who spoke good English helped us on the right path toward our destination.

We managed to get an early check-in which meant we could finally get some sleep and a nice hot shower. Two hours later and we awoke jet-lagged but determined to get out and see some of the nearby attractions.

First stop; food at a nearby well-priced noodle bar. Second; a light stroll up to the local temple, Yasukuni-Jinja to walk off our meal, bustling with work-leavers and after-school chat, we managed an hour or so of sight seeing but after 26 hours of travel we were ready for bed.

(Leica M9, Summicron-M 50mm f2.0, processed in Lightroom 3)

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  1. Jo Dubs
    Posted 21 Oct ’10 at 4:26 pm | Permalink

    Superb photos guys. And the blog brings back memories of my first travelling trip. Extremely jealous, I know how you must be feeling about everything new being so exciting and different. Enjoy the rest of Tokyo and half looking forward to the next blog but half not as I want to be there too.

  2. Posted 21 Oct ’10 at 5:16 pm | Permalink

    Loving the shots so far – how exciiiting!! I particularly like the shot of the blokie behind obscured glass standing at a counter. And how do the hell do you eat fried egg with chopsticks?? Have fun in Tokyo – am sick with envy! xx

  3. Siu Coll
    Posted 21 Oct ’10 at 5:42 pm | Permalink

    Great photos. These certainly kick all our weedy holiday snaps from last year into the ground….. Don’t know if you have helped yourselves to sparkling cold green tea from the vending machines yet??

    Siu xxx

  4. Lizzie
    Posted 22 Oct ’10 at 8:58 am | Permalink

    Amazing photos – they really give an insight into the culture! Looking forward to the next installment from you both. Lots of love XX

  5. Sonj
    Posted 22 Oct ’10 at 2:05 pm | Permalink

    Hey both – fantasic pics! Feeling the jet lag for you – can remember I felt exactly the same way! Hope you’re lovin’ the city x

  6. Emily
    Posted 22 Oct ’10 at 5:30 pm | Permalink

    Yummy! loves S&K&E

  7. miss claudia Germany
    Posted 22 Oct ’10 at 7:30 pm | Permalink

    Ohhhhhhhhh guys , I love the photos…..keep it up and have a wonderful trip

  8. Posted 24 Oct ’10 at 4:25 pm | Permalink

    the photos are brilliant. i hope you guys are having a great time. be safe and enjoy!

  9. Wendy-from yoga
    Posted 24 Oct ’10 at 4:52 pm | Permalink

    Really cool photos-have an amazing time. I will enjoy looking at your blog take care xx

  10. lucy wilson
    Posted 25 Oct ’10 at 8:32 am | Permalink

    helen ! the most amazing photos here, cant wait to keep up with the blog and pics, look after each other and have an amazing time xxxxx

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