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India – Kathmandu to Mumbai to Goa (Palolem) – 27th-29th March

After 30 days in Nepal, we were due to depart from one of the best countries that we have visited. We were sorry to have to leave and not see more of the country, however our Visa was due to expire, our Indian visa had begun its 30 day countdown and we were ready for some relaxation and nice beaches (hopefully)!

After saying goodbye to Joshua and Amata and departing from Pilgrims we headed for the airport. Our flight to Mumbai was not on any of the boards and for a second panicked as we thought we had the wrong day. Alas the flight was scheduled but maybe for security reasons it was not listed. After around 7 checks of our passport and documents we boarded the 3.5hr flight to India. A swift and easy baggage collection, checkin and transport to another terminal we waited in Mumbai for our internal connection flight to Goa.

Another swift and pain-free departure of Goa airport we hired a taxi without an issue! This was all too easy, we thought India would be chaos! We paid 1400rs to get us to Palolem in a private taxi, arriving at 8pm. Our hotel of choice was full but by the look of the streets of Palolem, neon lights, tourist tat, restaurants galore, a hotel would not be hard to find and a “man with a hotel” walked us to his establishment. The room was basic and we opted to try a fan only option for 700rs per night. An average indian meal of tandoori cauliflower and vegetarian kebab sufficed before we could get our bearings the following day.

Palolem appeared to be very touristy and was not the small local village on the beach that we expected. The beach looked nice enough in the dark of the night and we retreated to bed quite quickly. The following day gave us the chance to see Palolem in the cold hard light of day which confirmed our suspicion that the village was geared towards tourists with very little cultural aesthetics. However for beach relaxation and plentiful food options it was in someways what we were looking for after our Himalayan exertions.

We opted for a great cafe breakfast which overdosed our fruit cravings and set us up for a day at the beach. Queue plenty of reading and lazing on sun-loungers with cold drinks and cold beer a stones through away. Awesome! We also began planning our journey onwards and booked two south-bound train tickets with a local agent, one to Kannur (to stay for two nights) and another to Fort Cochi.

On the 28th we walked to Patnam beach for more relaxing and beach hut food. Our sleeper train to Kannur was due to depart at 11.25pm however it didn’t arrive until 12.25am, luckily we met some other backpackers to pass the time with and then boarded our first sleeper train since Thailand!

(Leica M9, Summicron-M 50mm f2.0, 18mm f4, 90mm Tele-Elmarit f2.8, Olympus PEN, 17mm f2.8 processed in Lightroom 3)

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