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Laos – Don Det – chill out day! – 14th February

We stayed in a lovely, relaxing bungalow for more reasons that simply having somewhere nice to stay, it also meant we could take some time out to relax and write. So on this day we managed to catch up on Cambodia and wrote whilst sitting across from the little island we swam out to the day before and would again voyage out to later that day. We took a break for lunch and ventured up to one of the restaurants a little further up the sunset strip from us in the Don Khon direction. We found a great place with many people sat chatting away so we thought we’d join them for a while. One guy in particular was chatting to us about the Olympus Pen camera and discussing the delights of traveling for a year, he also had a link with Helen’s family having worked at SCOPE for 10 years in the campaigns department, he’d dealt with her great Aunt Hilda several times (this alone is a massive ask in itself) and knew of the late Chris Davies (her son) very well indeed. A small world this is! So we enjoyed some great pumpkin burgers, tasty fruit shakes and good chat before returning to our little shack to inspire further writing.

A much anticipated and refreshing swim was calling as the heat was very intense indeed, so we ended our writing stint, swam and sunbathed and then got ready to enjoy a Valentines night at The Veggie Patch restaurant. We enjoyed a lovely evening with some of the best food we’ve eaten yet on our travels!! We enjoyed a fine feast of Pumpkin Gnocchi with an aubergine and tomato sauce, salad and fresh bread accompanied by free cocktails all evening. We also bought a piece of chocolate cake which was pretty delicious too! They had a few games out and we sat and chatted to others enjoying the food and location. The Veggie Patch is well hidden down on the sunset side with no other restaurants or bungalows around and the owners from France and Australia are very lovely indeed. They spend a lot of time preparing each dish for the day as well as tending to their much loved vegetable patches. We spent most of the evening there until closing and then made our way over to a beach party back on the small beach at the tip of Don Det, it wasn’t however that great so we just decided to make our way back to our little hut.

(Leica M9, Summicron-M 50mm f2.0 & Olympus PEN, 17mm f2.8 & 100mm f2.8, processed in Lightroom 3)

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