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Injections, Injections, Injections!

With all planning for a round the world trip, you should have protection from diseases & little flying bugs that like to suck on human blood. We have both done some research using the Fit For Travel website to find out what’s recommended for the areas that we are traveling to.

Dave booked himself into his doctors & Helen likewise. Be aware that it can be a while until you can get an appointment, so try & book as early as possible. We went to talk through what was needed & both came back with different information. Helen’s doctors appear to be a lot more relaxed, maybe due to dealing with more students & more people traveling to Asia from the Leicester area etc. Helen was also recommended to visit a MASTA clinic as she has to fit in one set of jab’s in Leicester & the next course at a clinic in Manchester, due to moving out of Leicester at the end of September. It was a relief to know that MASTA offer this service, more expensive than going to your GP but it’s a flexible option for students etc. Dave’s practice nurse followed the guidelines to the letter & recommended almost all the options available.

This caused some confusion & mild stress over what we should have to protect ourselves & at the same time not blow all our travel savings on some very expensive medication. Vaccines don’t come cheap!

Along with the vaccine’s are the need for malaria tablets, fortunately both of our clinics recommended the same malaria course. Travel through Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and parts of Thailand means that you are at risk, it’s a personal choice at the end of the day, but we don’t want to be restricted by what we can photograph due to the risks of malaria, so this will enable us to have a little more freedom on where we stay and the type of activities we want to do. You are likely to have a choice of 2-3 types of malaria tablets so it’s just a case of figuring out which one is best for you and your trip. Prices also vary on this from one pharmacy to another!

Please seek professional medical advise on all vaccines & prescriptions.

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